What is a Healing Crisis and Can Reiki Cause it?


Our bodies are miraculous machines. Multitudes of amazing processes are occurring in you right now without you even needing to consider them.

Let’s look at how inflammation occurs in the body.

At first, one incident occurs that causes stress in the body and triggers a defensive response. This could be a food that does not agree with you or a belief that causes you suffering.

Over time, if that substance continues to be ingested or that belief continues to trigger emotions your bodies defense stance becomes chronic and a new way of functioning.

If before we were operating at a level 7 on most days regarding mood and energy levels, with this chronic inflammation we now function at a level 5 and with more time that number continues to drop. We then regard this sub-optimal existence as the way it is.

Enter change.

Your friend recommends a new book, vitamin, course, therapist or modality to try and you decide to give it a shot.

Initially you don’t feel too much and assume that “it didn’t work”. Then you notice you don’t feel great. Now you assume that the new book, vitamin, course, therapist or modality has made you feel worse.

What is going on?

Sometimes learning or exploring something new causes us to take a step back and shift our perspective.

Imagine a big pot of minestrone soup. Just sitting there, it looks like a pot of broth with a smooth surface. Add some heat to it (new book, vitamin, course, therapist or modality) and all of the goodies that were always there under the surface now rise to the top.

So, did the heat create the vegetables and bits turning the soup around and creating ripples on what was a smooth surface? No – they were already there but the heat brought them to the surface. Just as the modality, therapist, course, vitamin or book did not cause the symptoms you are experiencing.

How does that help me feel better?

This understanding will ensure you take a conscious look at how you are feeling rather than attributing it to an outside factor and show you the power you have to heal what has been brought to your awareness.

Once you deeply acknowledge that the shifts you are experiencing are bits of yourself that no longer serve you, you can surrender to the feelings and sensations so that they can be transmuted into the wisdom you need to learn.

We have a tendency to resist discomfort or to try to push it outside of ourselves or deep within. These tendencies are what cause the inflammation (emotional, energetic and physical) in the first place. If you are feeling discomfort, breathe and sit with it. It has a message for you.

We can get into the technical labels such as Herxheimer Reaction, but the bottom line is that your body on a cellular level is releasing what does not serve your highest good. When your body needs to physically eliminate – whether it is going to the bathroom or vomiting, we do not hesitate and allow the process to occur. We understand that this process is natural and necessary. We need to extend this understanding and acceptance to energetic releases as well.

So what can I do?

Be gentle with yourself. This means that if you need to rest, rest. If you need to be around those you love and who bring you joy – do so. If you need to be alone, honor that.

Meditate. The energy that your body is choosing to highlight and release needs to be processed by you consciously. The belief that is not serving you needs to be neutralized. The emotions you have been storing need to be acknowledged and transmuted. Meditation will help you be present during this time to ensure you heal.

Stay hydrated. Water helps your cells function. This includes helping them release the storage they have that are impairing their function. Everyone is different with regard to the amount of water they need to be healthy so listen to your body’s cues.

Breathe. We process our emotions through our diaphragm and when energy comes up to be released, we need to make sure we are consciously breathing.

Surrender. Try to trust and surrender to the release of the symptoms you are experiencing. Remember that this is your body healing itself.

Self-treatments. Perform Reiki on yourself every day. Try to see this time with yourself as a way to treat yourself with love. Allow Reiki energy to help you process the changes.

So – how are some ways I can tell this is healing or the worsening of a condition? First, you may feel better than you have in a while. Then, during the healing crisis/event, you do not have any negative emotions about the symptoms you are experiencing or identify with them, knowing that they are a part of your health improving.

Please keep in mind that these symptoms usually do not last for more than a few days and are usually fairly mild. If your symptoms continue or are worrisome, they are not connected to your energetic shifts and you should seek medical care.

Trust yourself and your body.

The information provided in the above article is for educational purposes only and is not designed to diagnose, prescribe or in any way replace supervision by a qualified physician. Please see your physician with any serious health concerns.



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