How to handle Reiki client no-shows and healing yourself first

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How do you deal with patient no-shows? And then when the same patient wants to reschedule after you are the one to contact them to find out where they are, etc? This subject in general…

Also, how much do we take seriously the credo to heal yourself first, then friends/family, then others…?

The first question I have is what methods are you using to confirm/remind clients of their appointments?

Then – if you are using a confirmation/remind service and the client is still not showing up, the second time I would schedule them in your day so that if they do not show up, it will not impact your schedule (example, last session of the day). I would also personally call the client the day before to confirm and if you have to leave a message, request that the client calls back to confirm session to hold their appointment.

No-shows can be a way that the client’s subconscious is self-sabotaging their healing. On some level, the client is not willing to release what is not serving them and although consciously they will tell you they are ready, an aspect of them is not. Trust that they will be ready eventually.

If you have a client who chronically does not show up. I would have a heart centered talk with them where you explain that would love to work with them when they are ready but their inability to attend the scheduled appointments is a sign that they need to do some introspection to see what they need to do in order to be ready to heal.

If a client is late one time and you do not have a session backing onto theirs, you can kindly let them know they will still receive a full session but that you normally have clients back to back so this will not always be the case. If the client is late again, hold to the appointment time.

Regarding healing yourself first – I do think it is extremely important. Although your personal energy is not used in a Reiki session, your imbalances will constrict your ability to channel Reiki. Also – from an energetic marketing perspective 😉 the more clear you are, the more people will be drawn to you. So – working on yourself serves you and your clients on many levels.

Like a pipe that is clogged, imbalances clog our bodymind and the water/Reiki flows slowly. The more we clear ourselves, the stronger a conduit we will be.

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