Friday FAQ’s – July 8th


Hi Lisa, can you let me know if I would be attuned to the Karuna symbol of Zonar and Harth? Just curious. Thank you

The symbols are included in the manuals so they are a part of the consciousness of the course and can be used. I do not specifically include them in the ceremony but because you are introduced to the traditional symbols, you can use the non-traditional symbols if they resonate with you.

The example I could give would be if the traditional symbols were websites, the non-traditional symbols are like pages within those websites. Once you have access to the main site, you can navigate within it to the various aspects of the site.

The non-traditional symbols were symbols that appeared to a master at a point in their study which they were not attuned to. They then included them in their teachings and modified their instruction.

Hope that makes sense :).

Hi I am just wondering as I have noticed a lot of people commenting about when can they attune people as Reiki masters. I have had a few practitioners question me on how that shouldn’t be after such a short course can you please explain further to me thanks.

I don’t usually view time as an accurate benchmark of progress and have found that a Master intuitively knows when they are ready to teach and attune. Because the personal energy of the Master is not used in sessions or attunements, passing on the gift of Reiki through attunements does not depend on the length of time the Master has been practicing Reiki. Attunements are like showing the bodymind how to access the frequency of Reiki. Once you know the frequency – you have access to it for life. If a frequency could be compared to a radio station, you do not need to memorize all of the songs on the radio station, you just need to know how to access it. Attunements are a way of showing what the radio station is.

In our energetic work, there can be an elitist mentality. This involves achieving levels of “growth” via courses, time spent performing activities like meditation and other benchmarks such as time or money spent. We need to not be seduced by these judgements and honor where we are. Enlightenment can occur in an instant or it could have been present the entire time. It is just our judgements that clouded it :).

In the course you mentioned that reiki can be used for relationships. Please how can I use it for a romantic relationship?

As an individual, Reiki can help to clear the beliefs/memories/energy that can prevent us from attracting individuals that resonate with our highest selves. Instead, we may attract individuals that resonate with lower frequency aspects of our storage that is not who we truly are.

In a relationship, Reiki can help to clear the beliefs/memories/energy that is ready to heal. Relationships can serve as our mirror, showing us aspects of ourselves that we may hide or neglect. Unfortunately, rather than using our triggers as opportunities for personal growth, our tendency is to project what needs to be healed within ourselves and blame our environment and the people in it. Reiki can help you heal and take responsibility so you can release what is not serving you and see the perfection in yourself and those you love.

When conflicts do arise, you can use Reiki on yourself to help ensure that the energy you have stored, does not complicate the disagreement and help you to release the energy and work through the turbulence in a calm and peaceful manner.

You may also find using your mental Reiki room helpful by bringing in those you love and having heart to heart conversations with them. This can help to bring you closer on an energetic level.

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