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Reiki Horse

I hope you find this week’s edition of Friday FAQ’s helpful.

I have a question about the part when performing Reiki and the hands are going through those hand positions for 3-5 minutes at a time…within those time frames,  what should I be thinking? Should my mind be free of any thoughts? Is there any certain visualization I need to think of while performing Reiki?

When performing Reiki, your role is the witness. By observing without judgement, you hold a clear space for the energy to flow. If thoughts arise, you can allow them to pass. You want to remain present and watch. You can focus on your breath and allow the energy to be drawn through you by the recipient. Pay attention to the sensations you notice. You do not need to attach to them or judge them but be a passive spectator.

When performing Reiki on yourself you will want to set the intention that you are drawing the energy in and observe that energy flow into your body.

This morning during my Reiki self healing, a horse appeared outside my mental Reiki room – I joined her. She let me pet her and I said she was welcome here anytime. She did not want to go inside, so we just stayed outside and she nuzzled her head with mine. My question is, is it common to have someone join you in Reiki who you were not expecting?

Good question! Yes-I find it quite common to have some unexpected (but welcome) guests in my mental Reiki room. Generally I find that my guides meet me outside of my space (they can change or not be present) and then individuals who want to help and be  a part of the session enter through the guest door of the room. This ensures that only those who will contribute to the highest good of the recipient enter.

I have a quick question, and of course I’m not asking for any kind of diagnosis (as per your request not to in the lessons), I’m simply asking if you have experience or anecdotal evidence of such. This morning before I scheduled the attunement, my ring and pinky on my right (non-dominant) hand began to burn. Now by noon my hand is burning. It’s not super painful or anything, just slightly annoying and definitely noticeable. Does this have anything to do with my body preparing for the attunement? Do you have any thoughts on this?

The heart, small intestine and triple burner meridians run through the pinkie and ring fingers. The right hand is usually associated with the masculine aspects of the bodymind. We always joke that the attunement and session begins as soon as it is scheduled so your bodymind may have been doing some advance work :).

Click here to view the location of those meridians.

Interestingly, all three of those meridians are associated with the element Fire in Traditional Chinese medicine and have some other associations. These meridians are associated with consciousness, wisdom and growth.

You could go into your mental Reiki room and ask your bodymind for any messages it may have for you.

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