Learn how you can use crystals with intent and purpose for your body, mind and life

Are you a Reiki practitioner who is looking for ways you can target and focus your sessions? Are you wanting to add another layer to your existing practice?

Learn more about the science behind crystals and how they can be powerfully paired with Reiki to create healing frequencies. 

Crystal Reiki is a new branch of Reiki combining the use of crystals with Reiki, universal life force energy.

This form of energy healing combines the specific metaphysical healing properties of crystals with Reiki energy, allowing practitioners to tailor each session they perform with the specific intentions the recipient wants to focus on.

Crystal Reiki also includes the use of sacred geometry symbols that are incorporated into the sessions which further refine and amplify the Crystal Reiki energy.


  • You will explore how crystals are formed and how those factors influence the energetic properties of the crystal.
  • You will learn how you can choose the most suitable crystals for your Crystal Reiki sessions based on their structure, color, and metaphysical properties.
  • You will familiarize yourself with crystals that contain toxic elements and how they can be handled.
  • You will know how you can store, cleanse and charge your crystals and which methods to avoid using with specific crystals.
  • You will learn about the benefits of programming your crystals and how to do so.
  • You will learn how to perform Crystal Reiki self-treatments, sessions with others including animals as well as spaces.
  • You will learn about the eight sacred Crystal Reiki symbols and the properties they are associated with. You will learn how the Crystal Reiki symbols can be used as a foundation for your crystal grid layouts in your Crystal Reiki sessions.
  • You will learn how to perform Crystal Reiki attunements.

Become a Certified Crystal Reiki Master

$249 US

$15 US



A 85 PAGE PDF MANUAL you can download for your reference


accredited with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork


This course combines science with the metaphysical in a step by step method that will give you the confidence you need to confidently begin your Crystal Reiki practice.

Crystal Reiki has a unique resonance that will take your practice and awareness to another level. You will learn how to select crystals based on your intentions and use them as a part of powerful Reiki sessions for yourself and others.

You will also learn how to attune other students should you wish to teach this amazing branch of Reiki to others.


  • Students will need to have previous experience with Reiki Levels I and II.
  • No previous experience with crystals is needed.

what former students are saying

I have been a Reiki Master & Crystal Healer for just under 20 years.

This course is brilliant, fresh and highly recommended

This is the perfect blending of Reiki and Crystals. A new paradigm in Energy Healing. This is definitely more quality teaching in the field of Energy Healing from Lisa Powers, Reiki Master


Hand holding seedling


Lisa Powers, Reiki Master B.Kin, B.Ed

I am passionate about health and wellness and helping others find natural ways to support their body, mind and spirit. I have been teaching Reiki and alternative wellness for the past 17 years and have been able to share these gifts with thousands of students. It is important to me that my work makes a positive difference in the world and I strive to provide positive and meaningful experiences for my students as they embrace their full potential and power.


$249 US

$15 US


Can you really learn Crystal Reiki online?

You may have heard that Reiki must be taught in person and I am here to let you know that is simply not true. Keep in mind that the founder, Dr. Mikao Usui passed on attunements simply by sitting in meditation with his students. There was no physical contact, only an energetic transmission. Today, we understand that energy transcends time and space. I have been teaching Reiki for almost twenty years and have had the honor of teaching it online for the past five years and I can confidently say that you can be an amazing Reiki practitioner with this online certification.

Do I have to purchase a lot of crystals for this course?

You do not have to purchase any crystals unless you feel called to. It is helpful to have a crystal you can work with while you complete the meditations and sessions in the course, but you do not have to purchase any crystals unless it is right for you.

I have no experience with Reiki, can I still take this course?

Because this course combines Reiki with crystals, it is important that you have a solid understanding of Reiki before you begin combining it with crystals. I teach a complete Reiki Level I, II and Master program you can enroll in now.

Who certifies this course?

Because Reiki is not regulated by any single governing body, certification is passed from Master to student. Crystal Reiki is a very new branch and even the founder of this amazing modality is disputed. You can rest assured that this course is of the highest integrity and is certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

Is there a deadline to complete this course?

No, you can take all of the time you need to complete this course and you have lifetime access to the materials including new information and updates.

what former students are saying

I enjoyed the Crystal Reiki Master/ Teacher for its in-depth information that goes beyond what others are offering.

I might be a little Bias for I Lisa Powers and her soothing approach to her courses. When I see her name I know I am getting the best.


Take Your Practice and Life to the Next Level

$249 US

$15 US

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