Student Frequently Asked Questions

    General Course Questions

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    The guidelines for the group are located in our Reiki Level I, II and Master course in Lecture 10 in Udemy. The link to join the group is in the resources section of that lecture. Please make sure your Udemy and Facebook names are the same (first and last). If they are not, can you please email me at with your Udemy name and your Facebook name as well as the email you use for Facebook? Thanks so much!
    There is no deadline for you to complete this course. You can begin when you are ready and take the time you need to work through the course so that you absorb the material and have time to practice.
    Yes, you have lifetime access to the lectures once you have finished the course including updates and new information.
    Regarding those who question the validity of learning Reiki online – just as there were individuals who questioned the validity of Reiki as a healing modality, any time we are exposed to something new that threatens our paradigm and way of seeing/doing things fear arises. Online learning is turning the traditional educational model upside down. I love teaching Reiki in this way because I can take time with the students, the interactions are always one on one and through this medium students who may not have had access to in person courses can now learn this wonderful gift. I taught Reiki in person for years and the feedback I receive from students in our online course is profound. There are over 6,000 student reviews you can explore. I love that students come back to visit the material and keep in touch and that our community grows stronger each day. Energy is not limited by time or space and so it makes sense that teaching about energy is also not limited by time or space. Just as we teach in Level II about distance sessions being very effective, distance attunements are also effective. I have had so many students take in person courses and then sign up online as a review and they have commented on how meaningful the online course and the attunements were for them. You will notice that most of the people who are strongly opposed to this method of learning are in-person Reiki Masters who may have fear around this new model interfering with their own courses and course fees.
    Because the course is a certification for all three levels I do ask that students work through the course from start to finish. I have had many students take the course with a Reiki background and have received feedback that the review was meaningful. I hope you also find some new information and meaning in the journey.
    Here is an article that may help: Udemy support pdf
    You can download the lectures using the app for offline viewing. Here is an article with tips that will hopefully help:
    The manuals located in the student area at can be used in your practice and courses. The license for their use is also located in the student area :).The manual I provide in the Udemy course is not licensed for reuse so you will want to keep that one for your own personal practice. If you would like to use the manual I provide, you are welcome to purchase hard copies for your students (click here). Some practitioners prefer this so they do not have to print and bind their own manuals.

    Reiki Questions

    The body naturally vibrates at a specific frequency. Normally information and energy passes through the body as intended. When energy/memories/beliefs that are not resonant with the bodymind are stored, this can disrupt the flow of communication which can then impact the body’s ability to repair and regenerate a healthy body. Reiki has a naturally high frequency and helps the body to see that dissonant energy. When the body is aware, it addresses those low frequency areas so the body can function as it is intended. This is done without any specific effort of the practitioner. Yes there is scanning you can do known as Byosen scanning and that simply involves clearing your mind, becoming aware and present and setting the intention that Reiki is drawn in as needed by the recipient. You then perform the hand positions as well as any additional positions you feel called to and you remain present. There is no doing to address specific imbalances, only being.
    When performing Reiki, your role is the witness. By observing without judgement, you hold a clear space for the energy to flow. If thoughts arise, you can allow them to pass. You want to remain present and watch. You can focus on your breath and allow the energy to be drawn through you by the recipient. Pay attention to the sensations you notice. You do not need to attach to them or judge them but be a passive spectator. When performing Reiki on yourself you will want to set the intention that you are drawing the energy in and observe that energy flow into your body.
    Although each instructor varies in how they teach their courses, this course covers everything you would likely learn in a face to face environment. I have had many students take this course as a review and have commented that they learned much more than they did in their face to face courses.
    Hello Mark, Thanks so much for connecting. Those who associate Reiki with lower frequency beliefs that generate fear are not familiar with Reiki at all. In response to those individuals I would say that Reiki is within us at all. It is the wise, innate energy that tells a stem cell to become heart tissue or a neuron in a developing baby. It is the love that is passed from Mother to child when she kisses his "boo boo". It is the energy that transcends time and space when one prays for the well-being of another. This energy is not emotional in nature and one does not have to hold specific beliefs to work with it. This energy is available to all of us to use for the highest good of all concerned. I hope that helps, Lisa
    If a practitioner is choosing ​to limit their hand positions, there may be some resistance on a conscious level which could impact the flow of energy. This is not always the case the but what is important is that the practitioner is open to performing all hand positions as needed.I have found that clients do like the physical sensations they experience and having all of the hand positions makes them feel as though all parts of the body were addressed so they are also in place to ease the recipient's mind even though energetically the body is diverting the energy as it needs to.
    You may inadvertently be using your own personal energy in your sessions. Especially when working with those we care about it can be difficult to be an observer because we are very attached to the outcome.I would enter your mental Reiki room (Lecture 41)​ before sessions and invite your partner in as well. You will also set the intention that only Reiki energy is used in the session and that the energy flows one way. In through your crown, out through your hands and drawn in by the recipient.

    Questions about Attunements

    For Reiki Level I, II and Master course: I am happy to perform your ceremony :). You will want to review Lectures 14-16 regarding preparation. The link to schedule your ceremony is located in the resources section of Lecture 16. Animal Reiki course The preparation information is located in Lecture 6 of the course and the link to schedule your ceremony is located in the resources section of that lecture Crystal Reiki course The preparation information is located in Lecture 29 of the course and the link to schedule your ceremony is located in the resources section of that lecture Reiki and Acupressure for Anxiety and Depression course The preparation information is located in Lecture 9 of the course and the link to schedule your ceremony is located in the resources section of that lecture
    Generally speaking you can begin a daily meditation practice (15-30 minutes), try to consume whole foods and avoid recreational mind-altering substances such as recreational drugs and alcohol. The key with the meditation is that you are taking a little time each day to be present. This will help you transition into your Reiki self-treatments once you have been attuned. It will also give your body the space to do any shifting that it wishes to do in preparation for the ceremony. We joke that the attunements begin as soon as you schedule them.You could try meditating with the 5 principles of Reiki or perform any type of meditation that feels good for you.With the eating the key is to be mindful. When we use food to cope it can distract our bodymind from the beliefs we are trying to cope with. By being mindful you may not subconsciously cope and then the beliefs that are causing the suffering can rise to be healed.With the mind-altering substances, again the key is coping. If you enjoy coffee, be mindful of why you are consuming - are you finding your energy low? And then how you feel as you consume it and after. I enjoy coffee but when I am using it to cope with an imbalance I am mindful of that and focus my self-treatments there. By being aware of what you can work on during and after the attunements, your shifts can occur more smoothly.
    Yes, please make sure you continue to take the medication as it has been subscribed to you. This will not impact the effectiveness of the attunements. If you do notice physical changes in your body, be sure to revisit your doctor to ensure you are receiving the correct medication and dosage in case your condition is shifting.
    Sometimes expectations can block our perception of what is shifting – try to release those. During your sessions as a practitioner (both on self and others) it is also essential to release any expectations or attachment to outcome to ensure you are a clear conduit for the energy. Every attunement and session (even with the same person) will feel differently. Remember that our energetic body exists outside of the three dimensional world so using our physical senses to perceive energetic shifts are not always an accurate way of determining the work our body is doing. Our senses are also filtered by our memories and beliefs so they are quite limited in what they can perceive even on a physical level. The doubt is a natural part of the process so watch it and see what else it connects to. Allow it to remain until it no longer serves a purpose. In the meantime, keep up your daily self-treatments and trust that shifts happen .
    The key as you prepare for your attunement ceremony is that you open yourself up to receiving Reiki energy and allow your bodymind to make changes for your highest good. Being mindful of the food and drink you consume is helpful as well as refraining from any recreational drugs that you may be using to cope with your existing situation. When the bodymind no longer has access to the things it uses to cope with reality, the imbalanced beliefs/memories and energy that are causing the suffering become more prominent and can then be focused on by the bodymind during the attunement ceremony. During the ceremony itself, you can just find a place to relax sitting or lying down and set the intention that you are open to receiving Reiki energy for your highest good so that you can move forward as a confident Reiki Practitioner and Master. Some students choose to have music on, some choose to be outside. Create a space you are comfortable in.
    I find that the attunement ceremony unfolds exactly as it was meant to. Many students report that they had uninvited guests in the way of family members and animals coming in to visit during the ceremony. In these instances, they are a perfect part of the ceremony. They may have been subconsciously drawn to the energy and received benefits from it. Your conscious mind may have also needed to be distracted, allowing your energetic body to be free to do the work. Keep up your self-treatments and trust Reiki.
    I would follow your intuition regarding what feels best. Most students prefer to combine the attunements because it allows them to continue to work through the course. Personally I have found that students are coming into the course with a higher frequency and are ready for the combined attunements. The second and Master level attunements tend to activate with your use of the symbols so the shifts occur over time. If you would prefer to separate the attunements, please let me know in the notes when you schedule your ceremony using the online scheduler.
    During the attunement ceremony, the student sets the intention that they will release energy within that is not resonant with their natural energetic frequency and draws in Reiki energy to help their bodymind see what energy is dissonant. Intention is the mechanism that triggers the cells of the bodymind to begin shifting. This occurs with many of our bodily functions. For example, if we think about going for a run, our body begins preparing with that thought alone. The same goes for thoughts about eating a heavy meal. So with the high frequency of Reiki energy, the body is more aware of the aspects within that have not been in harmony with the rest of the body due to stored programs on a cellular level. With the body aware of these imbalances, it can begin to release the information within the cells that are impacting their healthy way of being. With enough releases, change can occur on physical, mental/emotional, energetic levels. The lectures in the Master level section go over the steps of the attunement ceremony in detail so you may want to explore them so you can see exactly what the ceremony entails.
    What I would do is continue working through the course and start your meditation and self-treatments. Although you have not been attuned, you can connect with Reiki energy and begin releasing the emotions, memories and energy that is not serving your highest self. I think as you move through the course you will gain a stronger connection to the energy of not only Reiki but myself so that you can feel confident with regard to who you are working with. Also, with a deepening of your understanding of Reiki you will see that the work you are doing is clearing yourself rather than taking things on. As you release what is not resonant with your natural energetic signature, your frequency will strengthen and you will be less attractive to lower frequencies than you were before you began Reiki. Unfortunately the internet is filled with misinformed individuals with a fear-based perspective. Our minds are so powerful that we create according to our beliefs and if we enter any endeavor with that mind-set, we create more things to be fearful of. My goal in this course is to help you to step into your own power which is pure, clean, light and love. You may find going through the attunement section in the Master level helpful so you can see exactly what occurs. Rest assured that at the start of every ceremony I set the intention that your body is in control and that the shifts it chooses to make are for your highest good. Schedule your ceremony when the fear has released and you feel ready.
    Attunements are with you for a lifetime so the “re-attunements” are more of a way of satisfying the egoic mind that the connection is really there. For lack of a better example, imagine Reiki is a tool like exercise equipment at a gym. The attunements provide you with lifetime access to the gym. Some people don’t go to the gym and then when they try to exercise they feel out of shape. They assume that they no longer have the gym pass and need another when in fact it was always there. The re-attunements are like a tour of the facility to remind them of what they have access to. I hope that makes sense. I do honor a person’s wishes if they do want another attunement ceremony so if you feel called to, you can schedule one using the link in Lecture 16. If this is your first time taking a course with me, I do ask that you receive the attunements so I can confirm your attunements in place and maintain the integrity of the certification. Some students comment that the additional attunements feel like a strong Reiki session.
    Sometimes sleep is the best way for the conscious mind to let go so the energetic body can do the work. Our conscious mind likes to filter, judge and attach which can slow things down so I think sleeping is a wonderful way to process. If our body knows that if we are awake during the ceremony we will be thinking, analyzing and dissecting the experience, it may choose to have our conscious mind go for a walk so that the work can be done by your energetic body in peace without distraction. Know that your experience is what needed to occur in order for the shifts to begin. Continuing with your self-treatments will help further the releases and you will be able to experience working with Reiki energy which is so miraculous.
    It is always up to the student. If you would prefer to receive the attunements separately, I am happy to honor that request. Most students do ask for all attunements so they can move forward in the course material. The second and Master level attunements help the student align with the symbols and the shifts usually occur as the student familiarizes themselves with the symbols, not solely during the attunement ceremony. Just as with Reiki sessions, during your attunements your body is choosing the amount of energy to draw in and what shifts it is ready to make. Nothing is being done to your bodymind, rather your bodymind is using Reiki as a light to see what aspects within are not serving your highest good. Your body then begins the work of shifting what it is ready to release. This is one reason why your self-treatments are so important after the attunements. Personally I find students are coming into the course ready to release and heal and return to their natural high frequency state. This is much more pronounced than even 5 years ago. The idea behind waiting was a combination of the traditional approach of making sure a student truly wanted to embrace Reiki as well as helping them have a smooth and subtle transition as they begin working with Reiki. On one hand I have seen dramatic shifts in an individual occur on all levels in an instant while at other times it has taken years and occurred gradually. Our minds are so powerful that if a Master tells a student, “you cannot handle more than one level of attunements at a time”, most students will create that reality. Fortunately, we are moving into a new understanding where our previous limiting beliefs are being seen for what they are.
    The symbols are included in the manuals so they are a part of the consciousness of the course and can be used. I do not specifically include them in the ceremony but because you are introduced to the traditional symbols, you can use the non-traditional symbols if they resonate with you. The example I could give would be if the traditional symbols were websites, the non-traditional symbols are like pages within those websites. Once you have access to the main site, you can navigate within it to the various aspects of the site. The non-traditional symbols were symbols that appeared to a master at a point in their study which they were not attuned to. They then included them in their teachings and modified their instruction.
    Yes – practitioners will often joke that the session or attunement begins as soon as it is scheduled by the recipient :). By scheduling your ceremony you are setting the intention that you are open to receiving Reiki energy and because you are already connected with the universal life force, you can begin working with it.
    The Animal Reiki course includes the Level I and II attunements. Because you already received those in your Level I, II and Master course with me, you do not have to receive them again unless you feel called to. That being said, they are included in the course and I am happy to provide them. Students comment that the additional attunements feel like an amped up Reiki session. The Crystal Reiki course has completely new and different attunements so you will want to schedule those in order to receive your certification.
    You can schedule your ceremony as soon as you feel ready and have a basic understanding of Reiki.In Reiki Level I, II and Master, lectures 14-16 have the guidelines for scheduling your ceremony and Lecture 16 has the link to choose the best time and date for you (in the resources section).
    ​You can schedule your ceremony as soon as you feel ready and have a basic understanding of Reiki. It is nice to have your attunements as you begin learning about how to perform Reiki on yourself and others as well as before you begin exploring the symbols.If there is a wait for your ceremony you can either take time to prepare and resume your coursework until after the ceremony or continue one. The choice is yours.You need to do what feels right for you 🙂
    As our higher self uses Reiki energy to balance stored memories, beliefs, emotions – our conscious mind can resist and this resistance can come in the form of fear and doubt.The rage sounds like it may also be tied to old storage that you are working through. When the rage or fear appears, try to become present and let go of the stories your mind is telling you and just observe what the emotion feels like in your body.That awareness will help your body unravel the storage so the wisdom can be taken from it while releasing the energy and emotions.As you observe, breathe. Things should shift.
    Because the information you perceive is filtered through your own beliefs and memories, you are the best person to discern the meaning of the impressions you receive. I find my mental Reiki room (Lecture 41) very helpful in gaining clarity – I hope it helps you as well.
    Because the course does certify you for all three levels I do like to confirm all attunements are in place. Rest assured that you cannot be over-attuned 🙂
    Your physical perception is limited and your ability to see/feel/hear the energy is processed through your filters so everyone experiences Reiki differently. 🙂 I would complete a client intake form (Reiki Level I, II Master Lecture 49 resource) and then perform your daily self-treatments. In a few weeks revisit your form and see what has shifted for you 🙂

    Certification Questions

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    The following courses are certified by the NCBTMB. Reiki Level I, II & Master Crystal Reiki Master Animal Reiki Practitioner Reiki Business courseOnce you have completed the course, please email to receive your certificate that you can submit to the NCBTMB for Continuing Education hours.