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    Providing courses and guides for those who are ready to see beyond the ordinary

    Are you ready to explore the world that is beyond your five senses? Are you willing to see your life in a new light so that you can begin living as you were meant to?

    We are here on this planet to play, to love and to explore our unlimited potential. I am here to help you do just that.

    All of the things we are taught in school fall away when we are confronted by life and nature. Let us learn from the world around us so that we can wake up each day inspired and eager to explore the miracles that exist all around us.

    My goal as a guide is to help you step into your power as a creative and perfect being so that you can live the life you were meant to love. One that is full of love, light and joy.

    Offering courses for your mind, body and spirit.

    Level I, II and Master Traditional Usui Reiki Certification

    Animal Reiki Practitioner Certification.

    Reiki Business Course

    Acupressure and Reiki for Anxiety and Depression

    Your Soul is Calling

    Crystal Reiki Master Certification

    Online Courses

    Online learning gives you the opportunity to tailor your course to meet your needs. If you are very interested in a specific topic, you can spend more time on it, research connections and reflect on how it applies to your every day life. If you find another topic more difficult you can also take time to ensure you have a solid understanding of it.

    Questions can be addressed directly to your Instructor or within the online class discussion where others can benefit from the response. Assignments, quizzes and discussions are included to ensure that you are not only learning the information but connecting it to your life which makes it meaningful.

    Online manuals and ongoing support are provided with each course.

    I have had hundreds of students comment on how much they love this way of learning and how they learned even more in these courses than they did when taking similar programs in person.

    Open yourself up to this new world of possibilities.