There was a time when schools with sacred teachings were kept secret, where students would need to endure arduous trials in order to be considered for acceptance into these mystery schools. Fortunately since that time, we have grown more aware and conscious. This rise in frequency has made it easier for us to access the information we need to continue to ascend. Offering courses that are accessible and convenient for everyone. Available online 24/7 whenever you feel called to learn, grow and heal.

    With degrees in Kinesiology and Education, I have always had an interest in how our body and mind works. After University I pursued alternative health modalities and became a Certified Reiki Master and fell in love with the simplicity and power of Reiki. I have been practicing and teaching Reiki for over 15 years and each day am so grateful to be able to share this gift.

    I believe that high quality courses designed to raise one’s level of awareness need to be accessible and affordable for anyone with an interest in balancing their body and life so they can live the life they were meant to live.

    I have had the honor of working with over 30,000 students in 130 courses over the past 15 years. I am a lifelong learner who is always seeking ways to improve as an Instructor and Guide.

    I had the honor of receiving the Udemy Instructor of the Year Award in 2015

    Received great distinction in both Kinesiology and Education degrees.


    See how these courses can help you to increase your awareness and heal your life.


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    “Excellent teacher, terrific choice. Lisa is a clear, direct speaker and teacher who is in beautiful, vibrational alignment with the work she is generously imparting to her students. This sincerity and inherently demonstrated wisdom is passed to the student, establishing a strong foundation for this path. I have signed up for the other two Reiki courses she offers and so far solidly pleased with the material and delivery of the material.” Christy H.